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It all started with a dream–to turn barbers with immense technical talent into skilled business leaders. We believe that if our barbers are educated not only in how to perform the best cut and shave but in how to offer their clients an amazing service, then you–our valued customers–will want to return to us, again and again. ​ That’s what Lyle Amado is all about. We strive to bring in the best barbers and provide a first-class barber shop experience at a reasonable price. If we do our job right, then you get more than a cut or a shave–your experience will be memorable. ​ Each of our top-level barbers is dedicated to unparalleled guest service with leading-edge styles in a decidedly masculine atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a vintage, classic, or modern look, Lyle Amado is the barber shop for you.

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